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If you are looking for only the best in power washing & exterior cleaning service

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Our VIP Membership Program is fully customizable, allowing residents to tailor their bundle to their homes’ specific needs. All clients need to do is tell us how frequently they want specific services, and we’ll handle the rest. We’ll even take on the chore of scheduling our service visits and texting you reminders.

Our options (and discounts!) for year-round cleaning include:

  • Once a Month -> 30% discount
  • Every 3 Months -> 25% discount
  • Every 4 Months -> 17% discount
  • Twice a Year -> 15% discount
  • Once a Year -> 10% discount

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Our Great Service Won’t Clean Out Your Wallet

TS Services – Professional Exterior Cleaning wants our customers to enjoy clean, gleaming homes without having to break the bank. Our VIP Membership Program is the best deal we offer, combining fantastic service with convenience. Best of all, you can customize it to fit your property’s needs. To learn more about services, call us at 918-706-3293 or complete our instant quote form.

Discover the Perks of Joining the TS Services VIP Membership Program

Elevate Your Home’s Care with Exclusive Benefits

At TS Services – Pro Exterior Cleaning, we understand the importance of maintaining your home’s exterior in pristine condition. Our VIP Membership Program is designed to offer unparalleled convenience and exceptional value to our esteemed clients in Tulsa, OK, and the surrounding areas. Joining our VIP Membership Program ensures your home always looks its best, without the hassle of regular scheduling and the uncertainty of service quality. Explore the myriad benefits of becoming a VIP member with TS Services and why it’s a decision that pays for itself in more ways than one.

Tailored Exterior Cleaning Solutions

Comprehensive Services Tailored to Your Needs

Our VIP Membership Program encompasses a wide range of exterior cleaning services, ensuring your home’s upkeep is thorough and consistent. From window cleaning that leaves your windows sparkling, to gutter cleaning that prevents water damage, our expert team has you covered. The program includes pressure washing to remove stubborn dirt and grime, house washing for a clean and inviting facade, and even solar panel cleaning to ensure your energy solutions are running efficiently. With TS Services, every aspect of your home’s exterior is meticulously cared for, preserving its beauty and integrity.

Priority Service and Scheduling Flexibility

Enjoy Priority Booking and Consistent Care

One of the hallmark benefits of our VIP Membership Program is priority scheduling. VIP members enjoy the privilege of priority service, ensuring that your exterior cleaning needs are addressed promptly and according to your schedule. This flexibility is invaluable, especially for those with busy lifestyles or specific requirements for their home’s maintenance. Never worry about long wait times or scheduling conflicts again; our VIP Membership Program puts your home first.

Cost Savings and Exclusive Discounts

Unlock Significant Savings and Member-Only Offers

Joining the VIP Membership Program is not just an investment in your home’s appearance and longevity; it’s also a smart financial decision. Members benefit from exclusive discounts on all our services, translating to significant cost savings over time. Regular maintenance helps prevent costly repairs, and with our VIP Program, this preventive approach is more affordable than ever. Exclusive offers and promotions further enhance the value, making our comprehensive exterior cleaning services even more accessible to our members.

A Commitment to Excellence

Experience the TS Services Difference

At TS Services – Pro Exterior Cleaning, our commitment to excellence is unwavering. Our experienced and highly trained professionals use state-of-the-art equipment and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to deliver superior results. We pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to detail and our dedication to customer satisfaction. As a VIP member, you’ll experience this commitment first-hand, with every service visit reflecting our high standards and your home’s exterior maintained to perfection.

Join Today and Transform Your Home Care Experience

Embrace the convenience, savings, and exceptional care of our VIP Membership Program. TS Services – Pro Exterior Cleaning is dedicated to providing the best exterior cleaning services in Tulsa, OK, and our VIP members enjoy the best of what we have to offer. Visit our website to learn more and join the ranks of satisfied homeowners who have elevated their home care routine with our VIP Membership Program.

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