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Washing with a Purpose

The Goal – To give $40,000 away to the Claremore community in 2023! We are incredibly proud to have donated over $25,000 in 2022.

How are we helping?

In short, individuals that are being directly affected by cancer. Families that are going through active cancer treatment have their hands and minds full, to say the least. Taking the time and energy to address the exterior of their homes is typically not a physical and or mental option. To help take stress away and give precious time back, we will be cleaning the exterior of their home at no cost. Yes, a free House Wash! “Let us clean, so you can fight.”

How is this funded?

We are 100% funding this program though revenues earned through TS Services – Professional Exterior Cleaning. We are much more than a company that pressure washes! For every $1 that is earned, we are donating 10% to Washing with a Purpose.

Can I personally pay to have a house cleaned of someone I know?

You bet!! This allows all of us to help even more individuals and families in the Claremore, OK area going through active treatment. This was a growing trend in 2021. Family members that do not live locally are always looking to help someone going through treatment. We love getting the opportunity to connect family members, regardless of distance.

I am a current cancer patient; how can I apply?

Absolutely!!! Please fill out the form above. We are excited to be able to assist you!

I would like to nominate someone going through active treatment. Can I do that?

Absolutely! We encourage family members, caregivers’ friends and colleagues to nominate anyone they feel would benefit from our services. There is a free application on our site at www.TSservicesOK.com. Please click on the pink and white button at the top of our home page “Washing with a Purpose”

Can nominations be anonymous?

It certainly can be! Please mention you would like to be anonymous on the application. Otherwise, we will proudly let the selected individuals know who nominated them!

What will happen when a patient is selected?

We will reach out to them via phone & email to congratulate them! We will coordinate our schedules with theirs to ensure this is an easy and effortless process for them. As more funding becomes available, we will have the opportunity to donate even more services to individuals actively going through cancer treatments.

Where is this program being provided?

We are currently only offering Washing with a Purpose to individuals living in Claremore, OK. As more funding becomes available, we will add more cities to the list.

We are proud to have the following partners supporting this program!

If I have questions, who can I reach out to?

Any questions can be sent directly to Tyler via email at Tyler@TSservicesOK.com

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