Solar Panel Cleaning – Tulsa, OK

A beautiful day for solar panel cleaning in Tulsa, Oklahoma! Are you seeing your electric bill go in the wrong direction with your solar panel system? It is it time to have your solar panels professionally cleaned! We are happy to get your solar panels back to “like new” condition! When it comes to cleaning solar panels, we only use the best Unger Cleaning products to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied with our work.

How often Should Solar Panels be Cleaned??

Only once a year!

At this house, we were called out by an annual customer to clean 60 of their Solar Panels in Tulsa, OK. While there, we pressure washed their driveway and patio area. We also completed a full house wash using our soft washing process!

Solar panel cleaning is a procedure during which solar panels get professionally washed to remove all bonded contaminants. Depending on your area of residence, dust, smog, dirt, and sand may hinder the equipment from sunlight. The latter will either block the generation of energy or lower the equipment’s efficiency. Moreover, if you purchase a solar panel kit that incorporates multiple pieces of equipment, the purchase may be a failure because of low efficiency resulting from improper cleaning. To prevent these, proper solar panel cleaning procedures should be undertaken to save money and time.

It turns out that solar panels, equipment that generate the trending type of renewable power – solar energy, need proper care for lengthy and efficient functioning. Even though this may seem complicated, all you need to do is clean solar panels once in a while. If done at the right time and with the proper techniques, not only will the equipment supply solar power for ages, but also there won’t arise a need for professional maintenance procedures. Be thoughtful and take care of your solar panels to enjoy them for the longest possible!

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