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Fence Cleaning in Broken Arrow, OK


Is your beautiful fence turning grey? Covered with mildew? Mold? Algae? Time for a good cleaning. Soft and or pressure washing?

The proper way to clean a wood fence is a mix between power washing & soft washing. High pressure washing can damage your fence if done incorrectly. This is why it is important to have professionals take care of your valuable property. Unlike plastic or steel, wood is a plant-based material. The fact that it’s derived from an organic source makes it prone to rot and other forms of decomposing. After all, in nature decomposition of dead organic matter is necessary and helpful. This doesn’t mean that wood isn’t durable, but it takes extra effort to preserve its condition when compared to other materials. Wood can rot, mold, crack and fade quickly when not cared for properly.

When dealing with warm, humid climates it’s especially important to clean your wood fence regularly. Cleaning will prevent mold growth and rot. But while humid weather can cause rot, excessively dry conditions will make your fence to crack and become dusty more quickly. Dust is a sore eye and can mask more serious problems, like cracks.

Hot, sunny conditions also tend to be an issue for wood fencing. UV damage can cause your wood and finishes to fade more rapidly. To fix this, you’ll need to redo the finish on your fence annually or bi-annually. If you’re wondering when you need to repaint, simply check if your current finishing is faded, scratched, chipping or coming off. The best way to keep track of the condition of your fence is simply to clean your wood fencing regularly. You’re sure to spot potential issues during cleaning that demand your attention.

There is a reason why we the "Go-To" power washing company in the Claremore, OK and Tulsa, OK area. We are licensed, insured and have over 100 5-Star reviews across multiple social media platforms. We also offer house washing, concrete cleaning, roof washing, gutter cleaning and window cleaning in the Tulsa and Claremore area. We are happy to help with any power washing - pressure washing needs!

Ready to have your home or business to be soft washed or pressure washed in Claremore, OK or Tulsa, OK? Call TS Services - Professional Exterior Cleaning. Our team proudly serves Rogers County & Tulsa County and the surrounding areas! Proudly offering pressure washing, roof cleaning, power washing, window cleaning, concrete cleaning, house washing, graffiti removal, rust removal & fence cleaning to the following cities! Call TS Services - Professional Exterior Cleaning.

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