The Importance of Solar Panel Cleaning – Tulsa, OK

You’ve made the choice to invest in a renewable energy source that will help you save on electricity bills. Congratulate yourself! Now comes the next important step: getting your solar panels cleaned and maintained.How They Work, How They Get Dirty

Solar panels work by converting light into an electrical current that can be used to power anything from lights to appliances in your home or business. As you can imagine, this means that dust, dirt, pollen, bird droppings and other debris are going to build up on your solar panel system with time. This debris can interfere with how much sunlight is being absorbed by the panels and how much power is being produced.How to clean solar panels

There are several ways to keep solar panels clean, from manual washing to fully automated technologies. While rainwater can remove some of the grime that collects on panels over time, it can also cause dirt to accumulate at the bottom of the panels, and it isn’t sufficient to remove heavy pollution.Soap-less brushes and sponges

Solar maintenance companies like TS Services – Pro Exterior Cleaning have found that using deionized water with a rolling or vehicle-mounted brush allows them to clean panels without using soap, which leaves a residue that not only shades panels but attracts dirt.

And, homeowners can wash their solar panels manually using a garden hose and a soft sponge without cleaning agents.

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