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House Pressure Washing (Before/After)

Garage floors and driveways easily become stained and dirty, not just from leaks from your vehicle, but from spider webs, wet leaves, grass clippings and mildew. Give your car a clean home and make sure your driveway is not an eyesore by investing in a professional power washing service.

Why Professional and not DIY?

Power washers are powerful tools that without the correct expertise can cause damage not only to surfaces but can injure untrained users as well. At TS Services – Professional Exterior Cleaning, our expert power washing service will examine your garage and driveway surfaces to ensure that the correct water pressure is used so as not to damage the surface, surrounding vegetation or walkways. We will also analyze the exact type of stains so that the correct mix of cleaners are used to ensure a successful power washing and your surfaces will be free of stains.

Tips on How Often and Why You Should do Driveway Power Washing and Garage Power Washing

Aside from having an unsightly home, dirty driveways can lead to other issues. Weeds growing in cracks can actually widen those cracks and cause more damage. Power washing can stop weed growth and eliminate the expensive necessity of refinishing the surface. Property value can also decrease, most people don’t realize it but a stained and dirty driveway can be a turn-off to many home buyers. Driveway power washing also eliminates the growth of mold and mildew which is not only unsightly but can lead to slippery conditions. We recommend power washing your driveway at least once a year.

Power washing your garage floor helps with all of the above issues but it also helps keep your garage clean and free of pests. You live in a clean house, why not provide a clean space for your car and other items you store in your garage! At minimum you should power wash your garage once a year, but with changing seasons bringing in dirt and debris, a seasonal power washing might be a good idea.

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