Should You Pressure Wash Your Home Before Painting?

Professional Power Washing Service

Giving your house a facelift before the end of the year? Now is the perfect time to tackle this chore before the weather turns colder. If you’re considering adding a new coat of paint, it is a good idea to begin with pressure washing first.

Why? For starters, this is a good way to prep the surface and remove dirt or grime. But there are many more factors than this. Here are a few reasons why it is so important to pressure wash the exterior of your home before painting.

Pressure Washing is Extremely Important Before Painting

As most professional painters will tell you, preparing your home for painting is even more important than the actual process of adding a new color. While you might think this just means taping and covering certain spaces with plastic, there’s actually more to this than that. One of the most highly recommended steps is pressure washing, because it removes dirt, grime, and mildew before the new paint is added to the surface. Failure to do this means you’re just adding a layer over the grit, which can create a bumpy or uneven coat.

Power Washing is About More Than Just Water

What many homeowners don’t understand is that pressure washing your home before painting is about using more than just water. Bleaching solutions and cleansers used by professional service providers help ensure that the mold and mildew are completely killed before being washed off your siding, brick, or trim. In the end, this is much more thorough than what you’re able to achieve on your own with a bucket and rag or a garden hose.

Professional Pressure Washing Services Are Safer

Furthermore, having a professional come out to pressure wash your home is actually safer than attempting the process yourself. Our equipment is better designed to reach in small crevices high up on your home and roofline, which eliminates you having to stand up on a rickety ladder or reach these spaces on your own. Falls from high up are a leading reason why many homeowners end up in the hospital each year, so the safety factor alone in hiring a professional is definitely an important consideration.

Professional Pressure Washing Services Are Best

Of course, you might wonder if it is okay to attempt to pressure wash your home yourself. While this is a possibility, it is better to hire a professional technician to come out and clean the exterior of your home. The reason behind this is that it takes a special level of pressure to really get all the dirt and grime off brick and trim. Most home pressure washers cannot accommodate this and neither can a traditional garden hose. Instead, it is best to just give us a call and let us handle the task for you.

Are you ready to prepare the exterior of your home for painting this fall? Please contact our team at TS Service today to schedule a soft wash or power washing appointment.

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