Pressure Washing vs Soft Washing – Which is best for Roof Cleaning?

Those stubborn rust stains and black algae roof stains are not easy to remove. While you may be tempted to use bleach or a corrosive cleaning chemical to get rid of them, pressure washing or soft washing is definitely a better method.

Here in the Tulsa, OK area, the climate conditions cause a buildup of algae, mold, mildew, and caked-on grime. Many of our customers at TS Services – Professional Exterior Cleaning want to know the differences between pressure washing vs. soft washing and which works better to remove these problems.

While pressure washing is best to clean some surface problems, soft washing is better for cleaning others. Here’s a breakdown from our power washing company on what these two different methods of exterior cleaning are best suited for and why.

Pressure Washing The Roof? Not Unless You Want To Damage It

Inadequately trained or inexperienced power washing contractors can cause serious damage to a roof or other surfaces, especially if it’s older to start with.

Pressure washing creates erosion and strips away materials that might have been loosened up by decomposition or aging.

Our Tulsa, OK power washing experts know that the only time pressure washing is acceptable is when cleaning flat-work such as concrete and other durable areas where the soil has to be lifted before treating it with a soft wash solution!

Soft Washing For Roof Cleaning, Fences, & Decks

Soft washing is the use of a water-based, biodegradable cleaning solution that breaks down dirt and grime, removes bug nests and webs, kills mold, mildew, algae, and bacteria, leaving the surface clean and sanitized.

Soft washing uses just one-third of the water that pressure or power washing does, lasts 4-6 times longer, and does not deteriorate or harm the surface like pressure washing often can.

Soft washing also does far more than power washing because it does more than just clean your roof or building. The products used in the soft washing formula don’t simply clean; they penetrate, sterilize, and completely remove the root of the issue.

Treating your roof or building with soft washing is more like pest control. The safe, eco-friendly cleaning solution makes sure that the microbes that cause buildup are not just partly swept away, but completely eliminated.

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The Ultimate Guide to Roof Cleaning by TS Services – Pro Exterior Cleaning

When it comes to maintaining the exterior of your home in Tulsa, OK, choosing the right cleaning method is crucial. TS Services – Pro Exterior Cleaning, a leading expert in house washing, offers comprehensive insights into two popular cleaning techniques: pressure washing and soft washing. Understanding the differences between these methods can significantly impact the longevity and appearance of your roof.

What is Pressure Washing?

Pressure washing utilizes high-pressure water spray to remove dirt, algae, and grime from surfaces. Ideal for hard surfaces like driveways and sidewalks, pressure washing is a powerful cleaning method. However, when it comes to roof cleaning in Tulsa, the intensity of pressure washing may not always be the best choice.

What is Soft Washing?

Soft washing, on the other hand, uses lower pressure along with a mixture of cleaning agents to gently remove contaminants from surfaces. This method is particularly effective for delicate areas like roofs, where high pressure can cause damage. Soft washing not only cleans but also treats the roof, inhibiting the growth of mold, algae, and lichen.

Pressure Washing vs. Soft Washing for Roof Cleaning

Durability and Safety

The durability of your roof is paramount. High-pressure washing can strip away granules from asphalt shingles, leading to premature aging and leaks. Soft washing, with its gentle approach, preserves the integrity of your roof while effectively removing harmful elements. This makes soft washing the safer option for roof maintenance in Tulsa.


While pressure washing can quickly remove surface dirt, it may not eliminate the underlying algae and mold. Soft washing, with its specialized cleaning solutions, penetrates deeper, providing a thorough clean that lasts longer. This method not only cleans but also disinfects, offering superior protection against regrowth.

Environmental Impact

Soft washing consumes less water than pressure washing and, when done professionally, uses environmentally safe cleaning agents. This aligns with the eco-friendly practices of Tulsa residents, making soft washing an environmentally responsible choice for roof cleaning.

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