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If you are thinking about power washing your home and doing it yourself, you should also think about the pros and cons of not calling the professionals. Instead of saving money, you might have to pay later for involuntary damages you can make by not using the power washer properly. So, if you are thinking about power washing, call TS Services – Professional Exterior Cleaning. We offer the best soft washing, pressure washing, concrete and wall power washing with the efficiency that characterizes us. No matter the surface that has to be cleaned, we will efficiently do our job.

There are several things to take into consideration when deciding to power wash the property. You will save money by NOT doing it yourself. Sounds weird but that’s the way it is. You will also rest assured the job will be done correctly. We would like you to take a look at some reasons why you should TS Services – Professional Exterior Cleaning to do the job.


We are committed to protect your property no matter on what surface we are working on. We know exactly what pressure and water temperature to use depending on the surface. Rely on TS Services – Professional Exterior Cleaning and ensure you will have amazing and outstanding results. We are licensed, insured and operate under an LLC.

It Is Safer

Our staff are well trained in handling power washers every day. This is the training you do not have. If you try to use one, it might be more difficult than it seems. We know how to use them and where to use them.

Water Conservation

It is really important to save water when you wash different things such as your car, dishes or water the plants. At TS Services – Professional Exterior Cleaning, we are committed to the planet. We use the least amount of water in every service. Saving doesn’t mean bad quality. We just want to be efficient and at the same time be committed to the environment.


Being green nowadays in not a trend, it is a necessity. That’s why we use only green products if they have to be used. This not only protects the planet; it will also protect your property. We not only clean your house, but we also protect it.


If you call us to do the job, it will be done in a timely manner. Our well-trained team is specialized on working fast and accurate. If you need your space to be cleaned quickly because you have an event in that area or maybe you need to go out, we are definitely your best option.

Don’t try to do it yourself. Don’t risk both yourself and your property. Don’t spend money on renting a power washer that will be used once a year. Don’t go through embarrassing moments when water can run off to all your property and maybe to the neighbor’s property too. Rely on TS Services – Professional Exterior Cleaning, the best power washer in Claremore, OK. Call us today or visit us at One of our specialists will gladly assist you and answer every question you might have.

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